Jake Cassar is an environmentalist, social justice campaigner, bushcraft teacher, singer, songwriter and musician.

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  1. Bill Butler
    October 26, 2014

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    Hi Jake, I’ve been referred to you via another scouts leader.
    I lead the 1st Mosman 1908 Scouts troop, and we’d like to have a bush-tucker hike this term. Currently, we are scheduled to do this on 9th November – it would be great if you could do that day, but we are a may be able to do another saturday or sunday.
    Could you please respond to let me know if you’e be able to guide us on a hike and introduce us to some bush tucker?

    many thanks,

  2. Mary-Anne Exley
    August 28, 2014

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    Hi Jake,

    Love the website.
    Was wondering if you have any idea where to purchase Gumby Gumby Products such as tea etc.

    Cheers mate


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