Jake is extremely passionate about supporting local charities, social justice and environmental issues and has devoted many years to local causes.

It’s important to note that Jake does not belong to an organisation, nor does he receive Government support/grants for his community work. Jake relies on performing as a singer and giving bush tucker presentations to make a living.

If your organisation has access to funding or you are willing to fundraise to cover Jake’s fee, that would ensure that Jake can continue to do his valuable community work.

If you are a registered local charity organisation, Jake runs monthly community fundraisers at Settlers Tavern at West Gosford. Feel free to contact Jake for further details.

Some ideas to gain funding for Jake’s program/presentations include:

1) Run a BBQ at school or work.

2) Hold a raffle.

3) See “Go fund me” or other online group funding sites.


  1. Jenny Burtt
    July 22, 2017

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    Hi Jake,
    Just further to my previous comment. I meant to say “HT” instead of HC. I know you would know what I meant with HT meaning hollow tree. Very convenient to brand a tree with this marking to get the result that the developer wants.

  2. Jenny Burtt
    July 22, 2017

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    Hi Jake,
    My name is Jenny Burtt (my husband is Neil). We have met you on several occasions at community events at Woytopia, Empire Bay Progress Hall, bushdancing etc. We live in Empire Bay and have recently discovered that there has been a rezoning application submitted to Central Coast Council in the Cockle Bay area in Rozella Road. I was suspicious of something going on almost 2 years ago on the 13th October 2015 when I saw an official looking man with a clipboard place “HC” notices on trees. I approached him to enquire if he was doing an environmental impact study and he was cautious of me giving very little information. The council also was reluctant to give out too much information but did advise that an application had been received to rezone the land. I heard nothing about this until last weekend when a neighbour alerted me to the article in the Peninsula News. The neighbour Greg said he had made contact with you about getting advice on how we as a community could fight this. We live immediately adjacent to this land. The land was owned by Energy Australia and as far as we know, we believe this is still the owner. I myself grew up in Umina and was actively involved together with my late parents in a campaign to stop a development behind Myola Road. I was 14 years old at the time.We were called the Myola Road Action
    Group and this was back in the 80’s. My parents started the action group and through their efforts, Iluka Lagoon was saved. Although the development in Homan Close went ahead, a larger area was preserved than would have been had not my parents fought to save this land. Even now I have preserved their property as a wildlife corridor (even though it is a 1/4 acre block). I, as my parents were am a passionate conservationist. We realise that you are fully booked with your committments in your work but seek advice on how to go about fighting this.This land has an existing conservation zoning on it and to even be allowed to try and change this to me is a crime. There is such a delicate balance of endangered species living in the wetlands including the bush stone curlew which I occasionally hear in the night, as well as the feather gliders, even a regent bower bird that comes into my garden in the spring and summer. We would appreciate any direction you could give us with approaching the council or the Greens candidates. Thankyou
    Jenny and Neil Burtt

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